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Remove uric acid from your joints – Amazing recipe!!

If you are looking to try something different, cucumbers can be a great choice for vegetable juice, because they contain lots of water and a mild flavor.

This juice can be very beneficial for your health because it can act as a antipyretic and it can lower your body heat. There are number of studies that support the claim that it can eliminate crystals and the excess of uric acids in the joints.

You can get even better results if you combine it with celery and ginger. It will relieve you of the pain, it will fight inflammation and it will detox your body.


  • A slice of lemon
  • Two stalks of celery
  • One, 1inch ginger
  • One cucumber

How to prepare it:

First of all, clean all the ingredients well, and then cut the celery and the cucumber into slices. Then, cut the lemon in half and shred the ginger root. Mix all the ingredients together and drink this juice twice a day until you start noticing some improvements.

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