Release stress the Japanese way: by squeezing a finger for 2 minutes

What prevents you from living peacefully? Probably, each of you will answer that it is difficult to live “quietly”, since this is impossible because of constant stress, anxiety and pressure. Some people try to practice meditation and exercise as often as possible to rid their mind and body of stress and live positively and calmly.

However, because of the crazy schedule, not every person has the opportunity to allocate at least 15-20 minutes for such activities. Thus, we allow stress to control our lives. What can you do to get rid of stress? Is there an effective way? Is it even possible?

We want to make you happy and say that “yes”, there is a way out of this stressful situation and it is very effective, by the way. This method was invented by the Japanese and is used for self-relaxation and relieving stress. This practice is very easy and only takes five minutes of the time.

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You can practice this method at anytime and anywhere

And for this you just need nothing but your hands. In order for the method to work effectively, you should know that every finger on your hand is responsible for certain areas.

-Your thumb represents worries and anxieties.

-Your index finger stands for fear.

-Your middle finger is for anger.

-Your ring finger is for depression and loneliness.

-Your little finger represents stress and self-esteem.

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Now you have to figure out what is bothering you and choose a finger on which you should focus. Once you have identified which finger you should be focusing on, wrap all your fingers from the other hand around the finger that represents the negative emotion.

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For example, if you feel anxious, you need to wrap all the fingers from your other hand around your thumb. Maintain your grasp on the affected finger until you feel the pulse. Keep your fingers wrapped around it for about two minutes. You can also do the exercise to all your fingers in case you feel many negative emotions.

We also recommend you put a slight pressure on the center of your palm using the thumb from your other hand in order to calm your mind. Hold it for at least a minute.

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This Japanese way for stress relieving is called “Jin Shin Iyutsu”

And if you do not believe in the power of this method, we want you to know that science has confirmed its effectiveness.

A study in National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) done by Lamke D., Catlin A., and Mason-Chadd M., showed that the acupressure technique can result in “significant increases in positive outlook, gratitude, motivation, calmness, and communication effectiveness and significant decreases in anger, resentfulness, depression, stress symptoms, time pressure, and morale issues. Nurses reported less muscle aches, sleeplessness, and headaches.”


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