How to Quickly Recognize a Stroke and Act Fast


You can save a life by passing on this simple information. But, it is important that you know it too. So, we suggest you get informed and learn to recognize the signs before it is too late. Here is how you can do it.

There is a new indicator for stroke! People say if you help raise awareness, you might even save a life. Will you help? There is a fourth immensely important indicator of stroke and blood clots – the Tongue!

At a BBQ party, one woman stumbled and fell. She made sure to tell everyone that she was fine and she claimed to have tripped over a brick due to her new shoes. She quickly cleaned herself up, and the people at the party gave her a new plate of food.

Even though she seemed a bit shaken up, Jane still continued to have fun. But, later that evening, after the party was over, Jane’s husband called everyone and told them his wife was taken to the hospital.

Unfortunately, that same evening Jane passed away.

At the BBQ party, Jane had suffered a stroke. If anyone at the party had known how to recognize the signs of a stroke, maybe Jane could have survived. There is a chance you can save someone if you know the signs.

No one has to feel hopeless or helpless if this ever happens. One minute is all it takes to learn the signs.  A neurologist explains that helping a stroke victim within three hours can absolutely reverse the effects.

The best way to help a stroke victim is to recognize the signs and get them quickly to a hospital. A patient has to get proper medical care within those 3 hours. If they don’t, things can get very tough.

How to Identify a Stroke

There are 3 steps you should remember, according to the American Heart Association. If you lack awareness, it can be difficult to identify the signs. If a stroke victim doesn’t get necessary medical care, they could suffer from serious brain damage.

Now, doctors claim the best way to recognize the symptoms is to ask a stroke victim these questions:

  • Can you smile?
  • Can you speak or form a simple sentence?
  • Can you raise your arms?

If a person can’t do either of these things, can’t laugh, can’t talk, or raise their arms, it is time to call an ambulance immediately. Describe all these symptoms to a dispatcher and get help.

The more people know about this life-threatening problem, the more they can help others.

Do what you can and help others understand how they can recognize this problem before it is too late. Luckily, if a patient gets proper medical care in time, they can survive.

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