How to protect yourself against Alzheimer’s with just one cheap ingredient


Dr. Mary is a person which stands out from the rest of the crowd when we are talking about Alzheimer’s disease.

Vast majority of the doctors will tell you that there is no treatment for this disease. She disagrees with them. Her husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and that is when she started to intensively research this disease, because she wanted to find some way to stop its development.

Her husband used traditional medications and his condition wasn’t improving. There was a point when he could not even tie his shoes.

Coconut oil

The results were visible right after she began giving him 4 teaspoons of coconut oil every day. Soon, he was able to have conversations, read and tie his shoes again.

She is an experienced doctor, and she knew that this could not be the cure for this disease, because it was only successful for one patient. This is the reason why she continued to research this treatment. Later, she was given a permission to study a group of 65 patients, who were experiencing early symptoms of moderate Alzheimer’s disease.

The human brain needs glucose and fat in order to function properly. That is why, the Alzheimer’s is also known as a type 3 diabetes. There are some studies that suggest that fat diets and low carbs, impact the function of the brain, in a very negative way.

Our brain uses ketones for energy, when it lacks glucose and coconut oil contains high amounts of it. Dr. Mary thinks that this is what actually helped her husband. He says that his brain lacked fats and glucose, so the brain replaced this “fuel” with ketones.

Although this is not a finished research, it is very interesting to see what will happen in the future, and the way in which will continue to develop. Coconut oil is a thing that should be added to your diet, because it is very healthy, but please be careful and take into consideration that there are people who should not consume it, simply because they are allergic to it.

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