4 Household Products That Cause Skin Cancer ! They Need To Be Banned



Certain personal and home hygiene items, products we use in work environment and in the dining establishments must undergo some security measures in order to obtain a health guarantee. By doing this we will avoid exposing ourselves to dangerous quantities of specific substances included in the below listed products. We recommend you to switch to natural, home made options.

Lots of people think of it a good decision to switch from sugar to sweeteners. Although there are all-natural ones that are certainly healthy, you need to know which ones aren´t

  •  Acesulfame K: causes tumors and affects child birth
  • Aspartame: related to skin cancer
  •  Saccharin: related to bladder cancer, as it is rough and is secreted by the liver
  •  Sorbitol: it doesn´t digest well in the bowels, causes diarrheas, swelling and gases

We suggest you to switch from the above mentioned artificial sweeteners to honey or to the following ´ ´ natural ´ ´ sweeteners:

  • Stevia can lower the blood pressure and the blood sugar levels.
  • Xylitol: improves the bone density and reduces the risk of dental caries.
  • Yacon Syrup: feeds the good bacteria in the bowels and helps alleviating constipation.


In order to keep your home and certain shops clean, we mostly use a selection of chemical products. Even though certain cleaning substances are required to keep us safe from bacteria, truth is a lot of them cause health problems like:

  • Respiratory disorders and asthma
  • Hormonal problems

We recommend you to use the vinegar and baking soda mixed together since they consist of natural anti-microbial cleaning properties. They don ´ t provoke additional results like commercial cleaners. They fight bacteria such as: Staph salmonella and E. coli.

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