The price of progress: if you see these white lines on your chicken meat, think twice before you eat it!

We can all agree that there is no lean protein that has a better reputation than the chicken breast.

Skinless, boneless, chicken breasts are constantly on the top of the list of lean proteins that you need to eat if you want to lose weight. What is more, chicken breasts provide a wide array of health benefits that will make you stay in good overall health.

But, according to the experts, you need to be extremely careful about what kind of chicken breast you buy and avoid the ones that have white stripping.

According to a recent study, that was published in the Italian Journal of Animal Science, the white stripping condition can raise the fat content in the chicken breasts by a whopping 224 percent! This also lowers the amount of protein that the meat contains. Poultry Science published another research that concluded the same thing.

The researchers are able to notice the increase of fats and decrease of muscle-based solely on the amount of white stripping. It was shown in a 2016 research, conducted by the University of Arkansas and Texas A&M, that the severity of the white striping has only increased in recent years, and it was found in 96 percent of the 285 birds that they had tested. According to them, this is a condition that will negatively impact the quality of the meat.

In America, the average American will eat around 90 pounds of chicken meat every year, and those numbers are only increasing. Those consumption numbers are the main reason why the cheap protein market encourages the farmers to produce bigger chickens in a shorter amount of time. According to the statistics, the average bird that was sent to the market in the 1950’s was 3.08 pounds, and it was 70 days old. In the year 2015, the average weight of the bird doubled, reaching an average weight of 6.24 pounds and the average age dipped to 47 days old.


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