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The power of cannabis oil: elderly man with terminal cancer walks out of hospice after treatment with cannabis oil!

The sad truth is that the condition of cancer is more and more common as the days go by.

The medical statistics show that the survival rates of the patients with cancer are bigger, because they use modern pharmaceuticals. This is not entirely true however, because most of the modern ways used in cancer treatments, like chemo and radiation, have very bad effects on the health of its users.

The chemotherapy works in a way that attacks the rapidly-producing cells, and it does not differentiate the unhealthy cells from the healthy ones. Also, the reason why people feel sick after these kinds of therapies, is because of the chemicals that disrupt every metabolic process in every cell in the body. This can eventually lead to reduced function of the immune system, which leaves the body vulnerable to sickness and other diseases.

Similar thing happens when radiation is used, with an exception that radiation focuses on the sick cells. But these cancerous cells are surrounded by healthy cells that are also affected by the radiation, which in turn is rendering this type of treatment just as bad as it is effective. This is the main reason why these therapies cannot be 100% effective in removing the disease from its roots.

In practice, all treatments should focus on targeting the roots of the illness, and radiation and chemo are simply not that kind of treatments.

The story about the man who fought the battle with cancer

Stan Rutner was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma, and took a decision to treat the illness with traditional methods. The therapy was successful and his cancer went into remission in 1989. In 2011, some 22 years later, he began to suffer from a chronic cough. The doctors told him that he had pneumonia and they began treating him with conventional methods. During the treatment, they found out that this was in fact a stage 4 cancer that had already metastasized to his brain. In simple words, this means that he also had a brain tumor that is inoperable.

He was in his 70s at the time, and his acceptance to the radiation and chemo made his health even worse. He lost a significant amount of weight, had nausea and was feeling exhausted all because of the traditional cancer therapies. Four months in, he was rushed in the hospital with a lung disease called radiation pneumonitis, which was caused by the radiation. Radiotherapy is known to cause this types of conditions in patients. This is the perfect example that these kinds of treatments can sometimes fix one problem and at the same time, they can cause another.

He was then given an oxygen tank, and he had to rely on it all the time. The doctors told him that he only had 4 weeks to live, and that was the best case scenario. When his family heard that, they began investigation alternative methods of treatment, and they read about the use of cannabis for treating cancer patients. They suggested Stan to try this method in order to ease his nausea problems.

The healing power of cannabis oil

After just 1 week of taking cannabis pills, he began feeling good and he felt that he didn’t need the oxygen tank. He was feeling great, he regained some of his strength, and he even gained weight. He decided to leave the hospital and to continue using the cannabis oil capsules every day. Five months later, he went to his doctor for a brain MRI, and the doctors were amazed when they read the results and found out that his cancer was completely gone. Stan and his family are very grateful to the doctors, but they know that it was cannabis oil that saved his life.

You can take a look at the video below, to hear the story of Stan Rutner:

A lot of studies have shown that cannabinoids, can in fact cure cancer. If you want to read more about the medical properties of cannabis please CLICK HERE


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