Permanently remove the pain in the spine, back and legs with this homemade natural solution!

If you are suffering from pain in the back and spine, there are chances that the pain is triggered by prolonged sitting or by some great physical effort.

There is no room for panic, as we are going to talk about a remedy that can help you treat your problem. You will notice the improvements a few days afterwards, and you will be completely healed in less than two months.


  • Five prunes
  • One dried apricot
  • One dried fig

Consume these ingredients before going to bed. Do this for two months and your problem will disappear.

Dried figs – they contain a lot of fiber, which improves the overall health of the heart, and is good for the digestive system. These fibers also relieve constipation. This fruit is packed with minerals like calcium, iron, potassium and magnesium, and are important for the immune system, bone strength and skin.

Dried apricots are packed with antioxidants, dietary fiber, non-heme iron and potassium. The antioxidants are essential for good eye health, cell growth and for the immune system. The iron prevents anemia, which is a well-known disorder in every country around the world.

Prunes contain high amount of fiber, fructose and sorbitol content. They can improve your digestion and also prevent hemorrhoids. They will also support your normal body function and blood pressure.

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