People With This Blood Type Might Have Alien DNA! Do You Have It?

We are aware that there are 4 common blood types. These blood types are AB, B, A and O.

There is a reason why there are different blood types, and that depends on the proteins that are inside of the blood.

A new blood type was recently discovered, a blood type that could mean that the person that has it may have alien DNA. This blood type is RH negative. The studies showed that this type of blood does not possess the essential evolutionary gene that other blood types in other humans have.

We all evolved from monkeys and this blood type does not possess the rhesus monkey gene. How is that possible?

We mentioned previously that all blood types have proteins that determine the type of blood, blood types that are RH negative do not contain a single type of these proteins. Only 10 to 15% of the population in the world have this types of blood, so the scientists are asking the question: where did this blood type originate from?

They did some research and they discovered that approximately around 35.000 years ago, this blood type was linked to groups and tribes.

Around 1% of the Asians have this blood type, African population around 3% and the Europeans have the highest percentage of everyone.

The scientists cannot do much in order to find the truth, other than investigate the characteristics that are associated with RH negative blood type.

People with this blood type generally have higher IQ, blue or green eyes, they have red hair, they are sensitive to heat, have lower body temperature than others and are emotionally and physically more aware.

This also affects pregnant women who have this blood type, because it is very difficult for them to deliver a baby that has RH positive blood type. This happens because the mother’s body will assault and try to kill the fetus. They are given a sterilization solution, to make sure that this doesn’t happen.

This leaves us with a conclusion that this blood type may have been bestowed on us by aliens, at some point in history. The more unnerving fact about this, is that people who are claiming that they have been abducted by some kinds of aliens, all have RH negative blood types.

There is definitely something that we can learn from this blood type.



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