Why people of this tribe live over 100 years and do not know about cancer?


The modern day medicine ignores various kinds of natural remedies and herbs, that are known to act against some dangerous illnesses like cancer.

Vitamin B17, also called Laetrile is one of them, and the supplements that contain laetrile are not allowed to use.

It is a well-known fact that the people which are living in a primitive cultures are far less exposed to cancer than those who live in a modern society. Northern Pakistan is a home for a tribe called Hanza.

This tribe exists for over a hundred years, and its members do not know what cancer is. The secret to their cancer immunity is B17 vitamin. They consume up to 3000 mg. of this vitamin every day!

The members of this tribe consider the members who own more apricot trees – wealthier. Dry apricot seeds contain large quantities of B17.

This natural cure is opposed by the cancer industry. One of the very few doctors who used laetrile to treat patients with cancer is Ernst T. Kerbs (1912-1996). He even conducted a research and gathered some important evidence that this vitamin actually works as a cancer cure.

How this vitamin functions?

Vitamin B17 contains: one molecule of hydrogen cyanide, two molecules of glucose and one molecule benzaldehyde. When an enzyme called beta-glucosidase comes in contact with these molecules, they liberate benzaldehyde which can often times be found in cancer cells.

There must be large amounts of glucose or energy for the cancer cells to develop. With the intake of B17 vitamin, they absorb glucose molecule.

In other words, the beta-glucosidase releases the cyanide and benzaldehyde, and they very effectively destroy the cells that are infected.

B17 is very lethal to the cancer cells and it is safe for the healthy cells, because it contains a high concentration of beta-glucosidase enzymes. Benzaldehyde and cyanide are toxic elements that do not have any toxic effects when they are combined with the glucose molecules in vitamin B17.

Daily dose

It is recommended that you take 5 to 7 seeds a day in order to prevent cancer. The patients that have already been diagnosed, are recommended to take one to two seeds every hour, and no more than 35 seeds a day. The weight of the person divided by three, gives the maximum dosage one needs to consume every day.

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