Paragis is the name of the grass that can fight off many viral diseases!


Paragis is a grass that is extremely effective when it comes to the treatment of tons of viral diseases. It is a grass that is considered to be a common herbage that is suited for animal food only.

But, it has proven to have a wide array of health benefits, that can be used in the treatment of a number of different diseases. Paragis has increased its popularity in recent years after people have learned more and more about its health benefits. It is a grass that is native to the Philippines, but you can also find it in many other countries that have a tropical climate.

The people in Africa have been using this grass as a natural way of curing different types of medical conditions, and there are some tribes that use this grass as an insect repellant. Paragis is rich in proteins, while the leaves contain calcium oxide, chlorine compounds, and silicon monoxide.

It is a grass that contains potent anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic, diuretic, cytotoxic, and antioxidant properties. It is important to note that the entire plant from roots and leaves can be used as a remedy, just by boiling it in some water.

Paragis can treat the following diseases:

Cancer – this grass is packed with antioxidants that are extremely effective against cancer, and it stops the cancerous cells from spreading and prevent them from growing.

Myoma and ovarian cyst – paragis tea is extremely effective against ovarian cysts and myoma.

Kidney issues – this grass is a natural diuretic that can increase the amount of water and expel the salt from your body.

Arthritis – in order to relieve arthritis, you simply need to heat up the grass leaves and then apply them with some scraped coconut oil on the areas that are affected by the pain.

Diabetes – this grass contains antidiabetic properties, and because of that it is great against diabetes. You need to consume paragis tea on regular basis.

Wound bleeding – paragis grass can prevent the wounds from bleeding, just by applying it on the area that is affected by the wound.

Parasites – this grass contains laxative properties that can fight the parasites in the human body.

Urinary tract infections – you need to take the leaves of this plant, boil them and then consume them in order to treat urinary tract infections.

High blood pressure – the boiled stem and leaves can assist in the balancing and the lowering the risk of hypertension.

Fever – Boiled paragis roots have the ability to reduce fever.

Dandruff – In order to treat dandruff, you need to mix a couple of crushed leaves and stem of this plant, with a combination of coconut oil. You can then take this mixture and use it as a shampoo. This plant can also be used to prevent hair loss and to encourage hair loss.

This grass has the ability to cure problems like asthma, malaria, epilepsy, liver and bladder issues, jaundice and hemoptysis, as well as infertility in women. You can try it out, and you will be amazed by the results.

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