Optical illusion test: The thing that you see first, reveals your character and personality

There are different types of character tests, and some of them are more scientific than others.

One of the people’s favorite personality tests are based optical illusions. An optical illusion is an illusion that is caused by crossed wires in your brain. The eye catches and gathers the information, and then the brain processes it, but optical illusions can look very different in reality than how our brain initially perceives them.

There are 3 kinds of optical illusions: a literal optical illusion that can create images that are very different from the objects that make them, cognitive illusions, which come as a result of unconscious inferences, and psychological illusions, which are caused by excessive stimulation.

Each of the illusions that you are going to see below, will employ a different type of optical illusion, and the thing that you are going to see first, may reveal how your character works, and the way in which the brain thinks.

Optical illusion #1


If you saw a car, it means that the freedom is very important to you. You want to meet new people, see new places, and experience new things. You do what comes naturally, and you take life at your own speed.

If you saw a guy with binoculars, it means that you are an analytical person, and you always see the bigger picture first. You can learn visually and you are able to quickly absorb information.

If you saw a letter A, it means that you have an eagle eye and exceptional skill to see the little details. Also, you are little more intuitive than the people that saw a man with binoculars or a car.

Optical illusion #2


If you saw a crocodile, then it means that you are looking at the bigger picture. It also means that you are not looking too closely at the things that you deem not important. You are a practical person and an individual that does not like to take too many risks. You live your life cautiously, and you don’t make much room for new things.

If you saw a boat, then you have a great eye that catches even the smallest details. This means that there are not many things that can get past you, without you noticing them. You are more eccentric, more creative and more unique than many people. But, you need to be careful not to stick yourself in the little details, especially if you are a student or an artist.

Optical illusion #3


If you saw an old man, then that indicates that you are a delicate and gentle person, that can sympathize with other people. Because of the fact that you have seen the old man first, it means that you are using the right side of your brain more than you are using your left. The right side of the brain is the more creative side, which can mean that you are an individual that is artistic.

If you saw the woman, then it means that you are more analytical and thoughtful than others, and possibly more calculating than the people that saw the old man first. You are using the left side of your brain more. This means that you have a cold and analytical thinking that can be used for good.

Optical illusion #4


If you saw the pillars first, it means that you like security and comfort. You probably won’t be able to achieve the big things that you wanted to achieve in your life, because of the bars that you have put up around your life.

You need to step out of the comfort zone and experience the new and exciting things in life. This is also a sign that you are being too focused on dreaming, instead of working.

If you saw the men between the pillars, it means that you are ready to move on from where you are. Your life is never dull, and you are surrounded by incredible things and people. You are kind and sensitive, but don’t spend your life drifting away. You need to settle down when the time comes.

Optical illusion #5


If you saw the faces, then it means that you are having people on your mind. These people are generally more extroverted than others, and they are able to socialize and enjoy when they are being surrounded with other people. These types of people tend to be easily influenced by others. Because of that, it is important to surround yourself with positive, uplifting and good people.

If you saw the candlestick, it means that you are more introverted, and you are not thinking about other people as much as you are thinking of your own ideas and yourself. You like being home, and when you are in the company of others, they need to be people that you trust and love.

Optical illusion #6


If you saw a woman, it can indicate that you have to be on the defensive most of the time. The woman that is shown in the picture is sitting on the ground, with her knees bent, defending her face. You may be feeling physically or emotionally drained at the moment. The woman represents a deep inner remorse.

If you saw a skull, it may indicate that you have a hard time deciding important things, and you cannot clearly see the path that leads forward. The obstacles are big and there are many challenges ahead. Keep in mind though, that when you come on the other side, you will be mentally more powerful than ever.

Optical illusion #7


If you are a woman, and you first saw the man’s face, it means that you are interested in finding a romantic partner, and you have a high sex drive. If you already have a partner, it is a signs that you are connected with him and you think about him on a regular basis.

If you are a man and you saw the man in the photo, may mean that you are concerned about the interpersonal relationship with other men.

If you are a woman, and you saw the woman’s face, it can mean that you are feeling extremely comfortable in your own skin, and eventually, your positive attitude will pay off.

If you are a man, and you first saw the woman’s face, it can indicate that you are trying to find a partner. But, you may be looking too hard. So, it is important to give yourself some time, and eventually, all will come into place.

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