Old Chinese Method – Change These Small Things in Your House and Your Life Will Become Harmonic Again

You have probably heard about the Chinese philosophical system called Feng shui, which is focused on how the environment influences our lives.

Believe it or not, this Chinese technique will create a harmonic atmosphere and positive energy in your home. Have a look at the changes you should make in your home.

Feng shui on the bed 

Part 1: Your bedroom should be a place for rest and relaxation, so you should arrange it in a way that it becomes a sleep haven.

First things first. Your head needs firm support, so pay attention to these tips:

The bed’s mattress 

Make sure you buy a mattress with memory foam so that it provides optimal comfort.

Also, the bed needs some height.

Don’t sleep on a bed with drawers.

Don’t forget to clean under the bed every day.

The door 

Never place your bed next to the door.


Never place your bed under a window. The ideal spot for a bed is against a wall.

The TV 

Keep electrical devices such as TV, laptop, phone, and other gadgets away from your bed.

Stay away from negative vibes 

Part 2: Clear bad energy from your bedroom.

A mirror should not be close to your bed. Your head should never be pointed towards a mirror when you are in bed.


Be careful where you place the lights. Never put a light source underneath your bed.


Fish tanks look amazing. But, you should never keep them in your bedroom. Also, don’t keep paintings with lakes, oceans, or fish in your bedroom.

Keep your flowers outside 

Plants release carbon dioxide during the night, so you don’t need them in your bedroom.

Keep your bedroom clean

Step 5: Don’t keep unnecessary things in your bedroom. Don’t leave hoarded items like old magazines or old unwashed clothes. Try to keep your bedroom as organized as possible.


Colors are probably the most important element of your bedroom. Did you know that colors that symbolize fire bring positive energy and passion?

How can you balance the colors in your room?

Earth tones 

These colors symbolize energy, health, and prosperity.

Pastel tones 

These colors will create a peaceful atmosphere in your bedroom.

Consider these thing too:

  • Make sure you bring colors in your bedroom that will increase your inspiration.
  • Also, don’t keep pictures from your relatives and friends on the walls.


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