You Should Not Do These Acts After You Have a Meal

You should pay close attention to these healthy tips. By following them, you will prevent different health complications.

Many people do these acts after having their meal not being aware of the dangerous consequences. So, change your daily routine for better health.

  1. Don’t smoke 

Experts have confirmed that smoking one cigarette after meal has the same effect as smoking 10 cigarettes. If you have this bad habit, you increase the risk of developing lung cancer.

2. Don’t eat fruits 

If you eat fruits immediately after your meal, you will experience bloating and intestinal gas. Ideally, eat fruit snacks one hour before meal.

3. Don’t drink tea 

Tea leaves contain a high content of acid. This substance inhibits the absorption of protein and could slow digestion.

4. Don’t loose your belt

If you loose the belt after a meal, the intestines can get twisted and blocked.

5. Don’t take a shower

Taking a shower after meal will increase blood circulation and as a result, the amount of blood around the stomach will decrease. This will eventually affect the digestive system.

6. Don’t take a walk

Many people think that walking after a meal promotes the process of burning calories but that’s not true because the digestive system will be unable to absorb the necessary nutrients from the food we intake. Walking is one of the best physical activities you can have, but not immediately after eating.

7. Don’t go to sleep

This act will also affect digestion. If you sleep after having a meal, you will eventually experience gastrointestinal disorders.

Thank you for your attention.

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