Never Use Ginger If You Have Some of These 4 Conditions


Science confirms the powerful medicinal properties of ginger.

Ginger contains enzymes which help cleanse the body, stimulate digestion, and treat digestive problems like constipation, heartburn, acid reflux, and irritable bowel syndrome.

This herb is also known for its anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antibacterial properties.

However, you should be careful when you are using it, as it has a few side effects. Namely, the following groups of people should avoid ginger, because it can harm their health.

These 4 conditions don’t tolerate ginger usage


Ginger is a rich source of dietary fiber, which balances the body’s pH.

Additionally, ginger aids the weight loss process. It enhances fat digestion and increases the digestive enzymes secretion. This can lead to loss of hair, poor muscle mass, reduced appetite, and weight loss in underweight people. In some cases, ginger can cause irregular menstruation.

Blood disorders 

Doctors recommend ginger to people who are diagnosed with peripheral artery disease or Raynaud’s disease, because it improves the blood circulation.

But, for patients diagnosed with hemophilia (a condition in which the ability of the blood to clot is reduced), ginger is a life-threatening ingredient. Ginger neutralizes the effects of medications, so it can only worsen this serious condition.


Ginger reduces muscle tension and strengthens your muscle mass. Also, it improves the function of the digestive system.

But, pregnant women are not advised to consume ginger, because it can cause uterine contractions and premature labor.

Some pregnant women consume ginger to ease morning sickness, but it is best not to consume it at all during pregnancy. Also, ginger may inhibit the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and iron.


People who take anticoagulant, beta-blockers or insulin medications, are not advised to consume ginger.

Ginger is a potent blood thinner and reduces blood pressure. So, people who have high blood pressure or diabetes are strongly advised not to consume ginger.

Substitute ginger with cayenne pepper and red paprika if you have one of these conditions.

Nutritionists say that ginger and peppers have similar health benefits. Add them to your lemonade to make a detox drink.


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