You should never do these 5 things after eating!

We all know the urge that we get to lay down after a good meal, but you need to know that that habit is a terrible mistake.

According to the experts, there are multiple habits that we need to avoid after a meal because they are dangerous and they can endanger your health.

5 things that you should not do after a meal:

  1. Smoke

If you are a smoker, then you are familiar with the fact that after your meals, you get an urge to smoke a cigarette. But it is a very bad habit to smoke after your meals. You need to wait a couple of hours before smoking the cigarette because it contains nicotine, which will bind to oxygen, which is essential for the process of digestion.

Numerous studies confirm that smoking one cigarette after your meal is equal to smoking ten cigarettes at once. It will also drastically increase the risk of lung and bowel cancer.

  1. Eating fruits

Ingesting fruits after meals is not recommended. It is, however, eating fruits before your meals. The reason for that is that in order to be properly digested, fruits need certain enzymes. What is more, the natural sugars that fruits contain require much more time to be absorbed.

Eating fruits after meals can lead to digestive problems like heartburn, indigestion, and burping.

  1. Sleep

You should never take naps after eating, because it may lead to discomfort, bloating and sleeping problems.

The University of Ioannina Medical School made a study which showed that individuals that don’t go to bed after their meals are less likely to experience a stroke.

  1. Shower

When we take a shower, we are decreasing the blood flow in our stomach and increase the blood flow in our legs and hands. According to the experts, this practice can weaken our digestive system, which will lead to stomach problems.

  1. Drink tea

Tea drinkers need to know that it is very dangerous to drink tea after their meals. The reason for that is that tea is packed with tannic acid, which will bind with iron and make the process of digestion very difficult. This makes this habit extremely dangerous for anemic people. The best thing to do is to drink your tea at least an hour before having a meal.

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