Nettle syrup is an amazing remedy that will drastically improve your overall health!

Nettle is considered to be one of the healthiest plants in existence. It is used to treat numerous diseases, especially anemia and kidney disease.

Nettle is packed with beneficial substances like carbs, fats, proteins, phosphorus, calcium, vitamins A, C, K, pantothenic acid, carotene, and iron. It is one of the best ways to clean and improve your blood count, and it has a positive effect on your pancreas, and it can also reduce your blood sugar levels.

Nettle can also be used to stimulate bowel movements and treat inflammations of the urinary system. These are the main reasons why this plant is recommended when you want to clean your organism.

This plant is often times used as a treatment for anemia, fever, blood purification, rheumatism, excessive urination, joint pain, kidney stones, bronchitis, tuberculosis, ulcers, insomnia, wound healing, anxiety and hair loss. If the levels of iron in your body are too low, or you are feeling stressed and tired, nettle is the plant that you need.

It contains tons of iron and it has been successfully used for the treatment of anemia. After using nettle for a short period of time, you will start feeling healthy and full of energy.

If you want to go out and harvest this plant yourself, in order to prepare the remedy that we are going to show you in this article, we recommend that you go somewhere in the meadows, away from the city and the pollution.


  • 40 nettle tops (it is better to use young plants)
  • One kilogram of sugar
  • Three liters of water
  • Five lemons

How to prepare it:

When you harvest the plant, you need to be careful and only pick the three leaves and the nettle top above them. Do not harvest the entire plant. When you are done harvesting, clean the contents that you have picked up, numerous times. Then, wash the lemon and cut it into pieces and then transfer it to a container that has been previously filled with cold water. Then, add the nettle.

Cover the container and then leave it at room temperature for 24 hours. After this time, stir the mixture and then add the sugar. Stir for a longer period of time, just so that the sugar can be dissolved. This concludes the preparation process. Transfer the mixture to jars, and then close the jars well and store them in your refrigerator.

You can drink this mixture instead of water.

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