How to naturally remove gallstones without surgery?

The gallbladder is a small organ that is located below our liver, in the right, upper part of our abdomen. It is responsible to keep the bile, which is a yellow liquid that helps with the process of digestion.

Gallstones form when there is too much cholesterol in the bile. Gallstones can cause the person that is suffering from this condition an excruciating pain in the upper right abdomen. These people can also feel pain from time to time, when they eat foods that contain high amounts of fat, like fried foods. Other symptoms of gallbladder stones include vomiting, nausea, dark urine, stomach pain, indigestion and clay-colored stools.

If you are experiencing this type of problem, and go and see your doctor, he/she will recommend you to remove the gallstones with a surgical procedure. There are, however, natural ways to do that, and in this article, we are going to talk about them.

Apple cider vinegar

Because of the acidic nature of apple cider vinegar, it can help in stopping the liver from making cholesterol that is responsible for the formation of the most common types of gallstones.

To use apple cider vinegar in the battle against gallstones, you will need to mix one tablespoon of it, in a glass of apple juice. When you are experiencing any gallstone pain, you will need to drink this beverage. It will ease the pain in just 15 minutes.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice is another ingredient that will prevent your gallbladder from making cholesterol, which can only speed up the process of recovery. All that you need to do is to drink freshly squeezed lemon juice from four lemons, every day on an empty stomach. After that, drink a glass of fresh water, and continue with this therapy for 7 days.


Peppermint has the ability to stimulate the flow of the bile, and it will also stimulate the digestion process. It will also help you to relieve acute gallbladder pain and relieve spasms.

Take a cup of boiling water, and then add a teaspoon of dried peppermint leaves. Leave the mixture to steep for about five minutes, and after that, you will need to strain it and add one teaspoon of honey.

You will need to drink this tea twice a day from four to six weeks. Also, it is recommended that you drink it in between your meals, in order to get the best possible results.

Vegetable juice

You can prepare yourself a taste vegetable juice from cucumber, beetroot, and carrots. It is a great remedy for gallstones.

You will need to extract the juice from one cucumber, 4 medium-sized carrots, and one beetroot. Then, mix the three juices and then drink this beverage twice a day, for 14 days.


Dandelion contains taraxacin, which is a compound that will help you in the excretion of the bile from the liver. It will also metabolize and detoxify the fat that has been accumulated in your liver.

You will need to place one teaspoon of dried dandelion in a cup, and then pour hot water into the cup. Cover the cup and leave it to steep for about 5 minutes. In the end, strain it and add honey in order to improve the flavor. You will need to drink this tea two to three times during the day, for one week.

Please note that people that are suffering from diabetes should avoid dandelion.

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