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This Natural Shampoo Is the Secret to Bouncy, Shiny, and Thick Hair

Beautiful hair is every woman’s wish.

Women try many hair treatments like straightening, curling, dyeing, and blow-drying for better hair look, but they can weaken hair and affect its quality.

So, why don’t you try making your own natural shampoo? The following recipe is very effective and it will strengthen your hair and restore its moisture and shine. Make your hair beautiful in just a month.

You will need these ingredients:

  • 750 ml plain nettle shampoo
  • 2 ampoules vitamin B
  • 30 ml aqueous solution of AD drops
  • 50 ml castor oil
  • 100 ml aqueous solution of panthenol
  • 30 ml nettle drops

Nettle: Nettle improves the health of your scalp and hair. It stimulates the blood flow in the scalp and promotes speedy hair growth.

Castor oil: This oil is a rich source of vitamin E and ricinoleic acid. It contains powerful antibacterial and antifungal properties, which prevent the formation of dandruff and help speed up hair growth.

Panthenol: This ingredient will restore your hair shine as it acts as a natural conditioner.

As you can see, these natural ingredients will do wonders for your hair and scalp.

How to prepare it?

Take a 1l bottle. Mix all the ingredients and add them in the bottle. Make sure you mix them well.


First, shake the bottle well before using it. Then, apply the mixture on the scalp and hair. Massage the area gently. Leave the solution to act for a few minutes. After that, rinse your hair.

You can apply a dry mask after washing your hair, but that would not be necessary.

Also, you should consume nettle tea. This type of tea improves blood circulation and balances hormones. Poor circulation and hormone imbalance can cause hair loss.

Thank you for your attention.

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