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Natural Remedies That Will Help You When You Have Vitiligo

Statistics shows that about 1.5% of the world’s population have been diagnosed with vitiligo or leukoderma. 

Vitiligo or leukoderma is a skin condition caused by a loss of pigment in the skin, produced by cells called melanocytes. As a result, white patches appear anywhere on the body. People who have vitiligo should avoid sunlight, especially those with large patches. 

Natural remedies to treat vitiligo 

Vitiligo is not painful, but is an aesthetic problem and can cause psychological stress. Try these natural remedies to treat this health condition.

Basil leaves and lime juice 

Basil leaves have anti-bacterial and anti-aging potential. Lime juice promotes melanin production. 


First, get the paste of the basil leaves. Then, add it to the lime juice. Apply this solution three times a day for six months. 

Turmeric and mustard oil 

You’ll need 500 grams of turmeric. First, put the turmeric powder in eight liters of water. Leave it soak overnight. The next morning, boil it until it is only 1/8th of the initial volume. Then, strain the liquid. After that, mix it with 500 grams of mustard oil. Heat the mixture. Apply the solution twice a day. 

Gingko biloba 

Take gingko biloba supplements three times every day. You can also use the extract of this herb three times a day. The recommended dose is 120 mg of gingko biloba. 


A glass of neem juice once a day can be very effective solution when it comes to treating vitiligo. 

Pomegranate leaves 

Take a handful of pomegranate leaves. Then, ground them until you have a fine powder. Add eight grams of the powdered leaves to a glass of water. Drink it twice a day. 

Ginger leaves 

Ground ginger leaves until you get the paste. Apply the solution on the affected areas. 


Consume raw figs to cleanse your blood and improve blood circulation. You can also try this natural remedy: First, roast the figs. Then, ground them and add some water to form a nice paste. Apply the solution on the affected areas.


Eat walnuts every day to treat vitiligo. You can also ground the walnuts and add the powder to water. Mix the ingredients well. Apply the solution on the affected area. 

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