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These Natural Remedies to Remove Underarm Hair Can Do Wonders

Every woman’s dream is to have smooth and flawless skin.

Facial and underarm hair look ugly and can be really annoying. Women often prefer removing unwanted hair by waxing, but this treatment can be very painful and cause skin irritation and allergies.

So, think about trying these natural remedies to get rid of unwanted hair.

1. Milk and turmeric 

Add turmeric to milk. Mix them to get a paste form. Apply it on your underarm skin. Leave it dry. Then, scrub off the dried paste. Wash the area with cold water.

2. Natural wax mixture 

Mix sugar, honey, and a few drops of lime juice. Melt the ingredients to form a smooth mixture. Apply the mixture on your underarm skin by using a spatula. After that, use wax strips to remove the hair.

3. Corn flour and egg whites

Mix egg whites with some corn flour. Continue mixing until you get smooth mixture. Apply the solution on the underarm area. Once it dries, scrub it off.

4. Corn flour and rosewater mix 

Prepare a mixture of corn flour and rosewater. Then, add a few drops of lemon juice in it. Apply the solution on the underarm area. Let it dry then scrub it off. If you want to brighten up underarm skin, you can some sandalwood powder.

5. Salt and water

To prepare this natural remedy, you’ll need warm water and some salt in it. You can repeat this treatment every day. All you have to do is dab a cotton ball or a piece of cloth in the salt water. Then, massage the area gently with the cotton ball.

6. Whole wheat flour and turmeric 

Prepare a mixture of equal parts of turmeric and whole wheat flour. Then, add a little bit of honey or sesame oil. Mix until you get a smooth paste. For even better effects, add rosewater. Apply the solution on your underarm skin. Leave it to act for half an hour. Then, scrub it off.

7. Papaya and turmeric pack 

Papaya is also known for its beauty benefits. Mix papaya and turmeric. Make a smooth paste. Then, massage it gently over the underarm skin. To treat dry skin, you can add some honey or milk to this solution.



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