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Natural Remedies for Foot and Heel Pain

Heel pain is commonly felt under the heel or behind it.

Heel pain is not a sign of a serious health problem, but it can affect the quality of your life. Many people experience this unpleasant condition which is caused by an inflammation in the bottom of the foot, a bony outgrowth from the calcaneal tuberosity, or tarsal tunnel syndrome.

Luckily, this health problem can be treated naturally. Of course, you can’t expect the positive results immediately, so you should try treating it several times. If the pain continues to be persistent, consult your doctor to see whether your heel pain is caused by a more serious condition.


Sometimes, heel pain should be treated surgically.

Natural remedies to treat heel and foot pain 

First of all, you need to get some rest in order to prevent foot problems. Your feet support your whole body, so you should take proper care of them. Wear comfortable shoes and walk barefoot whenever you have the chance. Also, avoid wearing tight shoes.


Massage the heel with ice to reduce the pain. But, make sure you never apply the ice directly on your skin. First, wrap the ice in a napkin. This treatment has a cooling effect on your skin and relieves the pain. The pain will disappear completely after a while. You can repeat this treatment few times a day. The treatment should last for 10-15 minutes.


Potato compress can be very helpful for treating pain in the foot. First, wash and peel one potato. Then, grate it. Put the potato on a gauze. After that, apply the gauze on the affected area. Secure it by wrapping a plastic bag over it. Then, put your socks on. Make sure you change the potato every day, Repeat the treatment for 7-10 days.

Salt and honey

Mix salt and honey in equal amounts to get a paste. Apply the paste on the affected area. Then, wrap the area by using a plastic bag. After that, put your socks on. Do this treatment in the evening, and leave it to act overnight. This method will make your feet feel much better the next morning.


Black radish, carrots, cabbage leaves, and onions can be very helpful in treating pain in the heel and foot.

Also, ginger and green tea have powerful anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and healing properties.

Extra tip: Crush hot peppers and mix them with olive oil. This mixture will reduce the pressure in your foot.

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