Muscle Loss and Weakness Can Be Prevented With These 2 Foods

Muscle loss or muscle atrophy is a serious condition when there is a decrease in the mass of the muscle.

The main factor which contributes to partial or complete wasting away of the muscle is a lack of physical activity and sedentary lifestyle.

This medical condition can happen to everyone, but what’s the biological explanation for that? Muscle atrophy affects elderly people but it can also affect people after age 30. There are two types of muscle loss: disuse and neurogenic. Disuse atrophy can be treated with better nutrition and regular physical activity, while neurogenic atrophy is a hereditary condition.

Generally, muscle loss can significantly affect the quality of your life and impede you doing your everyday activities.

Fortunately, the foods that we are going to present to you today, have been proven to have numerous health benefits which make your muscles stronger, prevent muscle weakness, and even alleviate the symptoms of muscle atrophy.

Surprisingly enough, apples and green tomatoes help in the prevention of muscle atrophy. Have you ever thought that these common foods can have such powerful health benefits? Eating these fruits every day keep your muscles strong and healthy.

According to a study, these fruits are a rich source of ursolic acid, which inhibits the ATF4 factor responsible for muscle loss and muscle aging.

To investigate this matter, a group of researchers conducted an experiment with mice. They were given ursolic acid every day and after two months, the mice showed a 30% improved muscle mass.

So, include apples and green tomatoes in your daily diet. However, make sure that you always eat fresh and organic fruits and vegetables.

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