Mother sets up a hidden cam after noticing some bruises on her baby. What the camera recorded, kept her from eating and sleeping for days!

Annemarie Theron from Germany noticed some suspicious scratches and bruises on her baby and she decided to check and see how her nanny treats the baby when she is not around. She decided to place a hidden camera in the room where the baby sleeps.

When she checked the footage, she was shocked, to say the least, and right now the nanny is facing murder, abuse and assault charges.

The recording clearly shows the nanny carrying the baby, holding it in the air by his hand, and when the baby starts crying from the pain she throws it like it was some toy doll.

The desperate mother says that after watching the video, she hasn’t been able to sleep for days, she did not want to eat and all that she kept thinking about, was how long was her baby going through this hell.



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