Man dies of nail-biting habit: doctors issue a warning to all readers

A perpetual nail-biter died from this terrible habit after he was warned multiple times by his doctor to stop.

John Gardener, 40, had a nail-biting problem that was so big, that he contracted a septic infection that spread from his fingers to his body and caused a heart attack.

Gardener’s doctors said that he would bite his nails until there was blood on his fingers. The fingers were damaged from this habit, so damaged in fact, that before he died, they were numb and he could not feel anything.

Dr. Daniel Vernon, Gardener’s general physician said that his fingers and fingernails were always in poor condition, and they were often bleeding when he came to visit his doctor.

The problem that Gardener had was likely fueled by depression and anxiety, which he had in the last years of his life. On top of that, he was diabetic, which made him even more prone to various infections.

His habit became a medical emergency when one of his fingers became infected. The doctors initially treated him with intravenous antibiotics but then decided that they had to remove the tip of his finger.

When the surgery was over, John showed some signs of improvements. But then, just a few days after his 40th birthday, he experienced a sudden heart attack. Doctors say that it was caused by the infection in his finger.

Chye Ng, an orthopedic surgeon said that he and his team were shocked by Gardener’s death. John’s mother also said that he was in disbelief when she heard the news that her son had died. She said that she was in a shock and that this whole situation is a tragedy. John’s family was hit very hard by his loss, and they wish that they did more to help him.

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