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How to make your own night-time body butter that soothes dry skin and keeps it smooth, moisturized and fresh!

Everybody hates to deal with dry skin. This is a very common problem that affects millions of people. In 99% of the cases, the people rely on prescribed ointments and lotions to help them with their condition.

But these products, do not always provide the results that are expected, and on top of that they cost a small fortune. The best thing to do if you are having a dry skin is to solve the problem in a natural way. Forget about the products that are expensive and ineffective.

We might have the perfect solution for you. It is a combination of therapeutic essential oils and organic, raw coconut oil, that will do wonders for your skin. Coconut oil has multiple health benefits, and it is the reason why it is so famous.

But in case you have doubts about the coconut oil and the effect it has on your skin, apply some before going to bed every day for a week, and after 7 days you will begin noticing the amazing results. The experts say that coconut oil is one of the best, if not the best natural skin product.

Essential oils on the other hand, will heal your skin and will make it look younger. Take a look at the recipe below to learn how to prepare this natural remedy.

Be advised that this recipe contains photosensitive essential oils, which means that they will react to the sun. Make sure that you use this body butter before going to bed, and rinse it off after waking up.

Night-time body butter recipe


  • Five drops of lemon essential oil
  • One cup of raw, organic coconut oil
  • Five drops of orange essential oil
  • Zest of half an organic orange
  • Zest of half an organic lime
  • Zest of half an organic lemon

How to prepare it:

You need to place the coconut oil in a small pan and then heat it for 20 seconds. Then transfer it into a bowl and then stir it well. Add the lemon, lime and the orange and stir well once again.

Then, you need to add the essential oils and stir the mixture so that the ingredients can blend together. Just make sure that the oil is not too hot when you decide to mix it with the essential oils. You can keep this mixture in your refrigerator so that it can harden.

When the mixture hardens, you can put it in a mixer or blender, in order to get a fluffy mixture. When all of this is done, transfer the mixture into a jar and keep it away from sunlight.

This non-toxic body butter will make your skin fresh and it will keep it smooth and moisturized.

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