How to Lose Leg Fat


Many diets or exercise programs may not be appropriate for everyone.

If you have trouble losing weight, you are probably not following the right weight loss program. So, make sure you choose the one which best suits you.

Weight loss refers to the overall body, but there are certain areas which are problematic to almost everyone. When you have excess fat, you need to find the ideal exercises for your body.

The secret is in performing the right order of exercises and losing weight would not be that hard.

Fitness experts explain that doing targeted exercises for some time will not help you lose as much fat as you suppose. In fact, these targeted exercises are ineffective, because they will only tone your muscles, but you will not lose weight.

Targeted exercises strengthen your body and make it smooth. In order to lose fat in the legs or thighs or any other part of the body, it is recommended to do cardio exercises. These exercises will help you burn calories faster. After that, you continue with targeted exercises.

Low Impact Cardio Exercises for Beginners 

  1. High hand crunches – Do 20 repetitions
  2. Side shuffles – Do 20 repetitions
  3. Squatty soldiers – Do 20 repetitions
  4. Goofy jacks – Do 20 repetitions
  5. Frog reaches – Do 20 repetitions
  6. Starbursts – Do 20 repetitions
  7. Standing Russian twists – Do 20 repetitions
  8. Runner marks – Do 20 repetitions
  9. Single double knees – Do 20 repetitions
  10. Rainbow jacks – Do 20 repetitions

Watch the video below and follow the instructions. Bear in mind that a fit body is 20% exercise and 80% healthy diet.

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