How long to nap for the biggest brain benefits

Taking a nap every day is essential, and many prominent health experts from around the world, confirm this theory.

Naps can even bring more health benefits than a long night’s sleep. However, some people are wondering if the effectiveness of the nap depends on its duration. Dr. Michael Breus explains that if you nap longer than half an hour, your body and brain enter in deep sleep mode.

Most of us have taken a nap that made us feel worse after waking up. This happens because your body enters deep sleep, that is difficult to get out of after a short period of time.


Benefits of nap

The main benefit of the nap is that it gives the brain a short period of resting time. This helps the body and the brain regain energy for what remains of the day. Also, napping increases the capacity for handling problems, as well as the ability to act with precision and think straight.

Experts say that a person shouldn’t nap more than 20 minutes a day. This process is known as power nap, and it gives the body energy. Everything more than 20 minutes will exhaust the body, and the brain will start to suggest the muscles that they need a full night rest.


There was a study, which was conducted with one goal, and that is to determine the benefits of the naps. The study analyzed 20 minute naps and then compared them with no napping, and it found out that this is an excellent way to recharge your organism.

Please remember that short naps require that you wake up slowly, and sit up first, before standing up. This will prevent you from falling back to sleep.

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