Learn How to Reduce The Terrible Pain of The Sciatic Nerve by 100% – Naturally

Muscle and joint contractures can occur for many reasons. Neck and back pain are also common problems, which affect the quality of your life.

Massages on the painful body parts can be very helpful and speed up the process of recovery.

Stiff neck can be a result of bad body posture, improper sitting, sports injuries, or chronic stress. The stiffness in the neck can extend down through the back. Then, you may experience headaches, shoulder pain, and even arm pain. But, don’t reach for painkillers as soon as you feel this type of pain, as they often do more harm than good. Try the following massages instead that you can do yourself.

Self-neck massage

For this massage, you will need a bucket or yoga brick. You can also use a very hard sponge and a tennis ball. Stand up facing a wall. Hold the bucket of yoga in one hand and the tennis ball in the other. Stand 80 cm from the wall. Then, try stretching your left leg back and keep your body forward. Hold the cube against the wall by moving your right shoulder and placing the ball in the curve of your neck. Stay in this position for 10 seconds. Repeat the exercise with the left shoulder. Perform it five times.

Auto-back massage 

Massaging the back is a good preventive method in order to stop the neck pain developing.

Here’s what you should to to perform this exercise. First, stand against a wall. Put the ball between the wall and the upper right shoulder. You can also place it on the area you feel the pain. Let your body do gentle circular moves. You should feel the ball massaging you.

Massage to stretch neck and chest

Make sure you regularly do neck and back stretches in order to prevent pain. Try the following technique: Keep you hands back on the back. Now, lift your head slowly. In this way, you will be able to stretch the neck. Hold your stomach rigid. Keep your back straight. Stay in this position for 30 seconds.

Relax the sciatic nerve 

This type of pain can sometimes paralyze you, which affects your walking and causes difficulties while sitting or getting up. To perform this exercise, you should lie on the floor and put the tennis ball under your back. Allow your body do gentle circular moves. You should feel how the ball massages the painful area. Do this exercise for 10 seconds. Then, take a break and repeat.



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