Ladies be careful: you may lose memory, hair, nails using…

In today’s article we are going to talk about a girl, who had severe bacterial infection that almost took her life.

Her only fault was that she made a reckless and simple mistake, something that a lot of girls do. The story starts when someday she passed out in her bathroom. Prior to that incident, her health quickly worsened and she was experiencing some extreme hair loss. She went to the health center, and the doctors quickly diagnosed her with toxic shock due to bacterial infection that was caused by tampons.

Her health state was so worse, that the doctors decided to put her in an induced coma in order to save her life. After eight days, they brought her back, but she was unable to remember anything that happened. She wasn’t even able to recognize her own children.

This happened because her brain was seriously affected by the infection. She was having trouble finishing a sentence and she was having serious trouble to just walk. The recovery process was slow and very challenging. It her about two years to recover.

A lot of professionals say that tampons can pose a major threat if they are not used effectively. Proper hygiene of the private parts is a must, and that especially applies during a period. The tampons also need to be changed often. They must never be left inside for more than eight hours, because the warm and damp environment combined with the blood, create the perfect environment for the development of lethal bacteria.

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