Lack of vitamin D – What Is Vitamin D Good For?

lack of vitamin d

Vitamin D is a hormone that controls levels of calcium in the blood. But why do we need it? Because it is essential for strong bones, muscles and overall health! Along with that Vitamin D is included in modulation of cell growth, neuromuscular and immune function, and reduction of inflammation. Recent research suggests Vitamin D may have other benefits, like protecting against colds and fighting depression. Having lack of Vitamin D is related to significant health effects and increases a person’s risk of musculoskeletal conditions including:

  • Soft weakened bones in children
  • Weak fragile bones in older adults
  • Bone and muscle pain

Lack of Vitamin D has also been associated with increased risk of: Heart disease, worse outcomes in stroke, various types of cancers, diabetes type 1 and type 2, multiple sclerosis, mental health conditions, altered immunity and other autoimmune diseases. Being aware of the health problems it can cause we are offering the best Vitamin D supplements:

– Take your towel and off to the beach! Vitamin D is the one thing our skin produce amount when being exposed to the sun. We are designed to get the Vitamin D we need by producing it when our bare skin is exposed to sunlight. To really boost your vitamin D levels when in the sun, expose at least your face, arms and hands, or equivalent area of skin but do remember to avoid sun when there is high UV index.

– One of the most recommended ways to increase body’s production of Vitamin D is daily exercise. We are all aware that keeping it active is always a good idea to stay in shape but better yet is that we can use exercise as a Vitamin D supplement.

– Eat food high in Vitamin D like fish- Common options include salmon, trout, tuna, mackerel and eel. Mushrooms- Same as humans, mushrooms have the capacity to produce Vitamin D when exposed to ultraviolet light. Fortified milk- Almost all types of cow’s milk are fortified with vitamin D, but remember ice cream and cheese are not. Some types of orange juice can also be used as Vitamin D supplement. Egg yolks- Since Vitamin D comes from eggs yolk it is important to use the whole egg- not just the whites. Beef liver- Besides vitamin D Beef liver contains vitamin A, iron and protein.

So, have fun, exercise and eat healthy and get as much vitamin D as you can!

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