What Kind of a Love Relationship Is the One Between An Empath and a Naricssist?

Empaths are exceptionally sensitive, spiritual, and intuitive people.

They enjoy helping other people, but oftentimes other mean people take advantage of their kindness, especially narcissists.

Narcissism is a personality disorder which is characterized by exaggerated feelings of self-importance. From a psychological point of view, narcissists are very egoistic and constantly need other people’s admiration. Also, they are a totally different character from empaths, because it seems like narcissists never feel guilt, love or empathy.

The following characteristics explain the love relationship between a narcissist and an empath. The empath always puts extra effort and nurtures the relationship, while the narcissist only seeks attention for himself.

Narcissists look for empaths 

Narcissists always want to be at the center of attention, and they find that in empaths. They have excellent manipulative skills so empaths become their victims. Empaths are highly compassionate and vulnerable, so narcissists take advantage of that.

The empath always considers the narcissist’s feeling first 

It is in the empath’s nature to help other people. Empaths never say no to anything and narcissists suck their soul. Narcissists often fake that they need help and guidance just to feed their ego and they are perfectly aware of the fact that empaths will always be ”at their service.”

The narcissist will use the relationship in the worst possible way

A narcissist will do anything to feed his ego. The worst thing they do is that they will put you on a pedestal and pursue with flattery and their next step is abusing you.

The narcissist controls the relationship

A narcissist is an extremist who will idealize you at the beginning and easily manipulate you later. These people always control the relationship but don’t look for serious, long-term relationships.

The empath praises the narcissist

The narcissists enjoy when other people praise them. They make the empaths feel guilt even when they are not. The empath enjoys when other people are grateful to them.

The empath thinks that the narcissist is special

Other people can spot the negative characteristics of a narcissist, but emphatic people are attracted and blinded by them. Unfortunately, they think that they have a special bond, but in fact, the narcissist involves them in a fake, emotionless bond. The empath believes that everyone has a good heart just like them, so they refuse to believe that narcissists are capable of hurting them.

A narcissist is indifferent to your suffering


The narcissist uses mind games

The narcissist is an expert in doing tactics which drive the empath crazy. He will deny things he’s done to force you to question your sanity.

The narcissist is always superior 

Superiority is something that perfectly defines narcissists. They are too proud and arrogant.

Empaths feel trapped 

Empaths who feel threatened in this type of a relationship should seek professional help. Remember that narcissists have no limits. This relationship is defined as toxic, so you should better find a way to stay away from a narcissist.

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