Killer in your mouth! Remove amalgam fillings and you will be healed of many diseases


Most dentists will deny the fact that the dental material that they place in your mouth, can cause many disorders and diseases.

Conventional dentistry procedures greatly contribute to an increase in emotional instability, chronic fatigue, birth defects, Alzheimer’, multiple sclerosis, depression and other degenerative diseases.

The amalgam (silver) filling is life-threatening and very dangerous, because it contains mercury.

Some people have these filings in their mouths for a number of years and they are not even aware that these fillings contain 54% mercury. The World Health Organization denies these claims, but there are some facts that even they cannot deny.

The man who first revealed the truth about these dangerous fillings was Dr. Hal Huggins. He explained that even the tiniest amount of mercury in our bodies can be life threatening. Unfortunately, that lead to him being with conflict with most of his colleagues.

In order to make his point, he gave an example of some experiment with mercury and egg cells. When the mercury comes in contact with the egg cells, they fail to connect with the uterus, despite of the fact that the fertilization was effective. He says that the mercury that is in the fillings, emits life-threatening gases 24 hours a day.

The mercury in the oral cavity is the biggest cause of chronic fatigue. Until it is removed, it will continue to affect the health of the person.

Dr. Huggins provides free assistance to people who have been poisoned with the mercury that comes from the silver fillings in their teeth. He was fired shortly after releasing his study about the dangers of the amalgam fillings. Despite all of the harassment that he went through, he always remained loyal to his mission.

Amalgam fillings were introduced to patients in 1800 in France, and they are still being used today. They are often used in patients who have their treatment covered by insurance, and they are very cheap to produce.

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