Kicking the salt habit – 8 symptoms of eating too much salt


We all know that it is vital to take care of our health. It is the most important thing we have. Moreover, it’s rather easy to get some diseases because of our lifestyle, harmful habits, environmental factors, and many other things. Very often, it is hard to cure these illnesses.

One of the best ways to stay healthy is to take care of our nutrition. It is highly important to maintain healthy diet and forget about junk food, sugary beverages, alcohol, and stuff like that. It is also very important to be careful with your salt intake.

Although or body needs some salt to function properly, you should limit its intake. If you consume too much salt, you can have serious health problems. Today, we have decided to provide you with some important information. Below you will find a list of symptoms indicating that you eat too much salt. Let’s see what they are.

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#1 You feel thirsty

Of course, sometimes we all are thirsty and our body needs water. However, it is not OK if you are thirsty all the time. When you consume too much salt, your body needs much more water to flush it out.

#2 Too much water in your body

Pay attention to your face and limbs. If you see that your fingers or feet are swollen, or you have puffy eyes when you wake up, it can mean that you eat too much salt. Your body retains too much water because of salt, and in its turn water retention causes swellings.

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#3 Problems with bones and teeth

As we have already mentioned, because of high salt intake your body will need more water. If you drink more water, you’ll urinate more often. In its turn, frequent urination will lead to lack of calcium that will cause problems with bones and teeth.

#4 You suffer from high blood pressure

High salt intake will cause water retention in your body that will lead to high blood pressure. This condition is really dangerous for your health and can cause more serious problems, so it’s time to see your doctor.

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#5 It is hard to concentrate

High blood pressure will affect the work of arteries that lead to your brain. That’s why it can be much harder for you to concentrate even on simple tasks. It can lead to more serious problems later, so it’s better to consult your doctor.

#6 Cravings

If you eat too much salt and sugar, they activate pleasure sectors in your brain, and it starts associating them with happiness. That’s why you’ll crave for salted and sugary foods more and more.

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#7 Kidneys

Because of high salt intake your kidneys have to filter higher amounts of salt and calcium. This combination can cause kidney stones formation that are rather hard to get rid of.

#8 Headaches

Although the researchers aren’t completely sure, that high salt intake can cause headaches, some studies claim that there is a direct connection between this condition and the amount of salt you consume.

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So, as you can see, salt can be really harmful for your body. That’s why it is important take care of your health and limit your consumption of salt. So be careful, and in this way you will prevent diseases and stay healthy.

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