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Japanese Banana Diet: You Can Lose Up To 3 Pounds In A Week

What do you know about bananas, apart from that they are very tasty? Well, it may be a revelation to you but they are very nutritious and can supply your body with all the necessary energy that it needs. What is more bananas can speed up your metabolism and therefore aid the process of weight loss.

You may wonder – what do you have in mind? And what we have in mind is a banana diet which has proven to be highly effective and affordable. What is more there is no need to spend countless hours at the gym to get yourself in shape and lose some weight.

You may think that this is impossible but a Japanese gentleman, Mr. Watanabe will totally prove you wrong. He has been struggling with the problem of excess weight for years and nothing worked until he came up with his banana diet.

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How does it work? The rules are pretty simple – eat one banana and drink a glass of water each morning and then wait until lunchtime. Seems like there is nothing complex about it, right? If you feel that one banana wasn’t enough – you can eat another one.

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The same goes for the period between lunch and dinner – if you are feeling hungry, just treat yourself to a banana. By following this diet you can lose up to 10 pounds in one week.

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What is the downside? There isn’t one, but there are some restrictions. While on this diet you are not allowed to consume any alcohol or milk. Plus, you should not eat after eight pm, what is more you can’t go to sleep later than midnight.

To sum everything up – it is the best diet we have heard of so far. Just think about it – you do not have to cut out all the food you like, there is no need to go to the gym plus it is super tasty.

It is a dream diet. As for the restrictions they are not that strict after all. What do you think?

source: betterme.tips

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