How to recognize an evil person?

Every one of us has a different definition of good and evil. But, in most cases, true evil is extremely hard to recognize, especially for people that constantly try to look for something good in other people.

It is a cold fact that there are people that are truly evil, and we need to learn how to notice the signals that show us when someone wants to harm us. In this article, we are going to help you learn the signs that show that someone is evil.

Fact twisting

These people are great in manipulating others. They can twist any fact that they are not willing to accept. They have the ability to take the things out of context, and then create a story that favors them.


Evil people are one of the best manipulators in the world. They always have a plan, and when it comes to its realization, they will do anything in their power to realize it.

They deny the reality

It does not matter how obvious the truth is, these people will always try to deny it. In their eyes, the only truth that matters is their own, even though it is something that is completely different from the reality that they are in.

Hiding information

If they stumble across an information that they think that can damage or prevent their goals, you can bet that that information will be withheld. By doing so, they genuinely believe that they are not doing something wrong. But this silence can harm other people.

They will mislead others

Evil people are also very good at misleading other people, by making you feel incompetent, attacked, afraid, vulnerable or hated. They will achieve this by carefully choosing what they say, and when they say it.

Constant lies

Even when they are in a regular conversation, they feel the need to implement a lie, or a juicy information, because they feel a sense of satisfaction when they lie to other people.

No remorse

These people are never, and never will be sorry for hurting other people. They enjoy destroying what other people find meaningful because they find pleasure in the suffering of others. If they see something that a person considers to be beautiful and meaningful, they will do everything in their power to destroy it.

Avoid responsibility

One of the key traits in these people is a lack of moral. They will never apologize or admit their mistake.

Fair-weather friends

These people can change like the weather. When you are happy and successful, they will be the first ones to congratulate you, and they will act as your friends. But, when you are facing some problems, they will disappear, and you will not receive their support. What is more, the best thing to do is to never expect support from them, because they will only help you if they feel that they can get something in return.

They hate people that are more successful than them

They cannot stand the fact that they are not the most successful ones in the room, and they will go to great lengths in order to prevent other people from being successful.

Double lives

They always have a different story for everyone. You cannot get a clear picture of who these people really are because they often times lead double lives.

Control freaks

They look at other people and all that they see are toys. They always want to have a complete control over them, and when they lose that control, their true face appears.

Please note that these are traits that can be found in many people, but you need to look for more than one of these traits in order to recognize an evil person. Also, always be careful with people that appear to be perfect, because we all well know that no one is perfect.

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