How to grow your own antibacterial bandages

More and more people around the world, are beginning to see the benefit of growing their own food. They also know that growing their own medicine, can be extremely important to their health and wellbeing.

As people plan their medicinal garden, they need to study different medical emergency scenarios, and they need to learn which plants will they be able to use if it ever comes to that.

Today, we are going to talk about a plant called Wooly Lamb’s Ear, and it is one of our favorites, because it can serve as a medicinal herb and on top of that, it is edible.

Antibacterial bandage

The botanical name of this plant is Stachys byzantina and it has been used as a wound dressing on the battlefields for centuries. Its fuzzy and soft leaves contain antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, and make the blood clot more quickly. These factors make this plant a great alternative to the bandages that can be bought in the stores.

Other medicinal uses

This plant has many medicinal uses. Just heat a few leaves in a pot of simmering water, and then let it cool down. Once cooled, the water can be used to treat sties and pinkeye.

Dried wooly lamb’s ear leaves tea can be used for treating sore throat and mouth, weakness of the heart and liver, internal bleeding, diarrhea and fevers.

You can also treat insect bites and bee stings with this plant. Bruise the leaves so that they release the juices and then put them on the area that is affected. You can also use them for postpartum recovery or for treating hemorrhoids.

More uses

Because the leaves of this plant are absorbent and soft, they can be used in place of cotton balls or as menstrual pads.

You can also eat these leaves by putting them in salads.

Start growing Lamb’s ear in your garden

This is a very helpful plant that you should have in your house. If you have trouble finding this plant locally, you can always by some seeds and grow them yourself. It grows well in containers and also makes a great landscaping border.

How to grow Wooly Lamb’s Ear from seed

  • Put a Seed Starting Mix in a draining container (you can use yogurt cup with holes poked in the bottom of the cup)
  • If you live in the city, use filtered water to wet the soil, because regular city water contains some chemicals that could prevent the plant from growing.
  • You need to plant one to two seeds per container, or if you opt for a larger container than the yogurt cup, make sure that you plant the seeds 6 inches apart, while burying them quarter of an inch deep.
  • You need to keep the containers out of direct light and keep the soil moist, until the seedlings germinate. When you see the tops of the plants, remove them and place them somewhere where they can get at least six hours of sunlight every day. You can also use grow lights.
  • When the plants reach a point where they have three sets of leaves, you can transplant them to a place in your yard that is semi-shady. If the soil is good, they will multiply quickly.

Because it offers so many health benefits and it is so easy to plant and grow, we encourage you to grow this plant yourself and experience its benefits.

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