How to find out if you are left or right eye dominant?

Just like hands, people also have a preference on which eye to use, which is involuntary. This might come as a shock because it appears that we use both of our eyes, but the truth is that there is always one eye that is more focused than other.

This practice can go on for years without any real disadvantages, but for some sports like shooting, darts, golf, archery and anything that involves dexterity and accuracy.

What are the disadvantages?

If you are a person that is involved in sports that require targeting, you might find it uncomfortable if you are right-hand dominant, while your dominant eye is your left. If for an example you are at the shooting range, you will experience a decrease in your accuracy if you are using your right eye while your “strong” eye is your left.

Another example is for surgeons. Surgery requires hand movements that are precise and everything that is involved in a surgery requires the eyes and the hands to be perfectly accurate and in perfect sync. This is an issue, that can be resolved.

How to find your ocular dominance?

There are a couple of tests that you can make in order to find out which eye is dominant, and in this article, we are going to show you how to do just that:

  • You need to extend your arms in front of you, just like the image above.
  • Then use the small opening between your hands, try to spot a small object like a light bulb, a dot or your cat.
  • Close your left eye, and if you still see the object that means that you are right-eye dominant.
  • Close your right eye, and if you still see the object, it means that you are left eye dominant.

How to fix this?

If you find this problem to be annoying, or it is causing you other problems, you can fix it by suppressing the vision of your dominant eye, which will force your “weak” eye to do all the work. You can put on an eye patch, or you can close your dominant eye for a few minutes during the day.

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