7 Incredible Ways on How to Boost Your Metabolism

boost your metabolism

Some people believe that slow metabolism is inherited, however that is not the case. There are many tricks you can do to help your body burn more calories and boost your metabolism. Age, weight, diet and exercise habits also play a role. Your metabolism is the reason that some people can eat a lot and not gain any weight, whereas others can eat a little and gain a lot. In this article “7 Incredible Ways on How to Boost Your Metabolism” you will be able to learn about ways and foods to boost your metabolism.

In order to boost your metabolism, follow these few tips:

1. When you run or swim or even walk, begin with your normal speed, then do it faster for about 30 seconds and after that return to your normal speed. This helps you get more oxygen and the mitochondria will work harder to burn more energy.

2. Next, you should consume more omega – 3 fatty acids that are mostly found in fish. The omega – 3 reduces inflammation, balances blood sugar and at the same time regulates your metabolism. If you do not like fish you can always take omega – 3 supplements. This is one of the greatest foods that boost metabolism.

3. The third from the 7 incredible ways on how to boost your metabolism is green tea. By drinking only 5 eight – ounce cups a day you can increase your energy 90 calories a day. This is because green tea contains catechin, which boost your metabolism.

4. Although carbs can be unhealthy, in this case eating carbs at night is the food that boost your metabolism. People that eat carbs at night burn more energy the next day, by digesting the food.

5. Skipping drinks that contain the word diet can help you boost your metabolism. This is because these diet drinks are artificially flavored and slow down your metabolism. By avoiding them not only are you boosting your metabolism, you are also avoiding weight gain and other illnesses.

6. Eating fruits, especially apples does a great thing to your metabolism. Apples are filled with many nutrients such as fiber and can help you avoid the metabolic syndrome which is a disease that causes abdominal fat and cardiovascular disease. This food speeds up your metabolism and at the same time gets rid of your muffin top.

7. The last of the 7 incredible ways on how to boost your metabolism is reducing the amount of light around you; especially the one on the mobile devices. This is one of the most interesting tips, however it is very effective. Light disturbs the production of the hormone melanin which helps you sleep at night. To get the most out of your metabolism you need to get a good night rest.

All in all,we hope that you truly understood that there are many ways to boost your metabolism and burn more calories, so you can stay healthy. Let these 7 incredible ways on how to boost your metabolism be your guide in order to lose more weight this summer.

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