How Do Russian People Stay in Shape

Russian people have healthy lifestyle habits.

If you are curious to find out the details about their typical diet, lifestyle, and their secrets to staying fit, continue reading this article.

First of all, men in Russia regularly go to the gym which has become part of their culture. Also, they practice swimming. Additionally, one of their most favorite activities are ice-skating, cross-country skiing, yoga, tennis, and jogging and walking during the summer. Women regularly go in the sauna. Most importantly, not many Russians spend their time sitting.

The air is polluted, so working out at the gym is sometimes the only choice they have. Russians consume smoothies and fresh juices.

Traditional Russian Food 

Russian cuisine is similar to the cuisines of Scandinavia and Poland. Their cuisine includes beets, salads, cabbage, potatoes, buckwheat, mushrooms, beef, lamb, cutlets, and so on. Also, they are known for their soups and stews such as borscht or spicy fish stew.

Russians enjoy eating red meat, animal fat, and dairy products. In fact, dairy products have been part of their cooking for a long time. Dumplings covered in butter, beef with sour cream, and vegetables in oil are the foods that Russians enjoy.

Millions of Russians produce their own food, so they typically grow potatoes, radishes, and cucumbers.

Russians eat light breakfast. Their breakfast consists of black bread, butter, jam, cottage cheese, boiled or fried eggs and tea or coffee. Their lunch consists of salad, smoked fish, and fish as their appetizer. Then, they eat beef, chicken, and rice. The dinner consists of boiled chicken, rice, roast, vegetables, and salad. In addition, many of their salads contain mayo.

Mentioning their love for vodka and organizing festive dinners for special occasions is inevitable. This alcoholic drink is made from the distillation of fermented potatoes. Russians also consume beer. Caviar is their traditional meal, made from the eggs of sturgeon found in the Caspian Sea. It is usually served with crusty bread or pancakes called blini.

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