The Hindu Philosophy Reveals You Which Things You Should Keep to Yourself


According to the Hindu philosophy, there are certain things you should always keep to yourself.

The Hindu philosophy advises you not to share the following things with others in order to keep them safe.

This Indian teaching is based on orienting our mind and reflecting issues which are connected with our inner being. In order to protect our inner being and keep our mental health strong, we should keep the following secrets just for ourselves. These secrets are directly connected with our weakness or with our boasting about achievements. In fact, boasting about achievements is a sign of a weak character.

The Hindu sages focus on solving the fundamental issues of life.

The Hindu wisdom is a way of living and you should have a look at the following tips for better life.

Do not reveal your secrets:

Your projects and plans are part of your privacy and they are only yours. There is no such thing as a perfect idea, so if you reveal it to everyone you can end up as a victim of criticism by other people. Envious and mean people can even sabotage you. Finish your projects completely and then you can talk about them.

Stay anonymous when you give to charity 

It is very hateful when someone brags about doing good deeds. Taking care of other people says something good about us, but boasting about that is definitely perceived as a hateful act by other people.

The same goes for heroic acts 

You shouldn’t reveal your heroic acts if you want to be a real hero. If you think that in this way you will impress other people and make them like you, you think wrong. You should always do good deeds for yourself, and not for others.

Do not divulge intimacies 

You shouldn’t always open up and divulge personal information about yourself. In this way, you will find your inner harmony and accept yourself.

Do not reveal your spiritual knowledge

Wise men in India regard spirituality as the most important aspect of their ancient philosophy. Spirituality is seeing the world through different ways. You should not share your analysis of life with other people, so keep it for yourself in order to avoid people asking you personal questions.

Do not reveal your family problems 

Everything that happens in your home, must stay there. Sharing your family secrets and family problems with other people is a wrong idea. Don’t do this in order to avoid wrong images about yourself. In this way, people might have a wrong perception of your problems and they will think that your family problems can’t be resolved. Moreover, they can even judge you without knowing the problem in depth.

Do not divulge everything you hear 

You should never take home the negative things you have heard from other people. Negative vibes from other people waste your energy.

So, protect your mental health by following these wise Hindu principles.

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