What Happens In Your Body After You Put On Nail Polish

The majority of women enjoy having their nails painted and decorated.

But, nail polish contains toxic chemicals which cause external and internal damage to the body. So, what exactly does nail polish do to your body?

According to a study, many of the most popular nail polish brands contain much more harmful ingredients than we can suppose. The study involved 24 women who regularly painted their nails. The conclusion was that all of them had toxins in their body, and the reason for that was the nail polish. To be more precise, triphenyl phosphate found in nail polish is a toxic chemical which can leach into your body. All of the participants in the study showed symptoms of toxicity 10 hours after applying the nail polish.

In another study, researchers tested 10 different nail polishes and only two of them didn’t contain triphenyl phosphate. However, if this compound doesn’t appear on the label, there may be other harmful ingredients.

Triphenyl phosphate 

Triphenyl phosphate affects your endocrine system and causes hormone imbalance. Also, it slows down your metabolism and disrupts your reproductive system.

This is especially dangerous for girls who go through puberty, as healthy development is very important during this period and this chemical causes reproductive and development problems.

Additionally, triphenyl phosphate is an allergen which irritates your skin and can affect your central nervous system as well.

Other harmful nail polish compounds 


Formaldehyde is classified as a potential carcinogen. It can dissolve in water and air and causes symptoms such as breathing difficulties and asthma. People with chronic diseases are more sensitive to formaldehyde poisoning.


This chemical causes skin irritations and skin rash.

Are there any natural alternatives to nail polish?

Luckily, there are. Certain companies have created natural nail polish products which come with no side effects.

Honeybee Gardens

They are made of water and don’t contain any harmful chemicals.


This natural nail polish has more than 50 nail polish colors. Acquarella is also water-based.

Peacekeeper Cause-Metics 

Peacekeeper Cause-Metics is based on argan oil which nourishes and strengthens your nails.

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