This happens to your body if you do not have intimate relationships for 7 days or more


The internet is a major part of our lives, and there we can discover things that we were not able to before.

For example, intimate relationships are considered to be nothing more than a moment of pleasure, but very little people know that it can bring us health benefits. If we, like any other activity, stop practicing it, we will lose the advantages that it brings. That is the reason why many experts believe that not having an intimate relationship for a week, can bring severe health repercussions.

In this article, we will explain those repercussions of not making love for 7 days.


Making love to your partner is a pleasurable and effective way to reduce stress. According to a study that was carried out in 2005, showed that making love with your partner will enhance the physical and the performance of the brain. You can consider it as a workout that will help you reduce stress.

Heart issues

We know the fact that the people that are not physically active and do not do any exercises, will at some point in their lives have heart issues.

A group of researchers has recently conducted a study which involved multiple couples. The study revealed that the couples that kept intimate relations at least once per week, were less likely to experience erectile dysfunction. The couples that had sex less often were more likely to have this problem.

Low self-esteem

If you break up with your partner, or you have an irregular sex life, there is a chance that you might feel unwanted. You might feel that your partner is not interested in you, or you are not meeting his expectations, which will put you in an unpleasant state of mind. According to multiple research studies, hormones like estrogen, testosterone, and prolactin are released in time of ejaculation, which will balance our feelings and improve our happiness.

The act of making love is not only a matter of pleasing our desires and fulfilling our needs, but it is also a thing that can improve our health and happiness. So, if you are married or living with your partner, improve your health by having some fun.

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