What Happens to Your Body When You Give Up Gluten, Sugar, Dairy and Coffee For a Month?


Sometimes, we can barely resist the urge to get junk food.

Junk foods contain salt, sugar, and fat which are addictive ingredients and make us crave more food. Consuming these foods regularly leads to weight gain and other health complications.

Sometimes, your body needs a detox, so you should remove harmful toxins from your body. First of all, avoid processed foods which are high in sugar and consume healthy foods.

This detox plan is based on eliminating sugar, gluten, soda, alcohol, coffee, and dairy from your daily diet.

What foods does this detox plan include?

Increase the intake of vegetables, chicken, rice, potatoes, and fruit. Additionally, drink 4 cups of green tea every day. Follow these healthy tips to improve your physical and mental health.

Health benefits of this clean-food detox plan after a week:

Weight loss

This detox plan helps you prevent bloating and promote weight loss. Also, your mood will be significantly improved.

You will have energy during the whole day

You will not be waking up groggy. You will be able to stay mentally awake longer and fresh. This means that you will keep your energy level high.

Better sleep

Following a high-sugar diet leads to sleep disorders. Sugar causes the same effect as caffeine. Also, several studies presented at the Annual Meeting of the Society proved the negative effect of sugar on the brain function and overall cognitive performance. Eating sugary and fatty foods increase your blood sugar levels which disrupt your sleep.

Improved immune system

Your immune system will be stronger. Processed foods have no nutrients so you get sick more often. Your immune system needs nutritious foods so that it can protect your body from infections, inflammation, and diseases.

You will be physically fit

Your body shape will look much better. Eating healthy foods boosts your energy, so you will be able to perform physical exercises without struggling.

So, wait no longer and cleanse your body right away.



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