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Get rid of the mosquitoes with this amazing natural remedy!


We all absolutely adore the summer days, but we also hate the mosquitoes that come with those summer days.

They are one of the most annoying insects out there, and to make the things even worse, they can even bite through our clothes.

Great deal of people use various mosquito repellents, expecting these products to actually be effective, but the thing that they do not realize is that these products can cause more harm than good. The reason for this is because they are packed with toxins and chemicals.

For this reason alone, it is important that you try natural remedies to get rid of mosquitoes, because you will never know until you try them. The natural remedy that we are going to talk about today is very effective and it will keep mosquitoes at bay.

It is very important that we protect ourselves from mosquito bites, because they can carry some terrible diseases like the Zika virus or malaria.

A number of different studies have shown that the blend of eucalyptus essential oil and lemon, can help in repelling mosquitoes, and it will actually provide better results than DEET, which is a commercial product that is considered to be highly toxic.

Scientists even claim that eucalyptus-lemon blend, can provide 97% protection during a period of four hours. This homemade repellant is very effective and in order to prepare it, you will only need a few ingredients.

The recipe


  • 30 drops of lemon-eucalyptus essential oil blend
  • 4 oz. of vodka, witch hazel or rubbing alcohol
  • One tablespoon of vanilla extract

How to prepare it:

Mix all the ingredients together and then transfer the mixture in a spray bottle. Apply it regularly because it will last for only four hours.

There are also some other natural options that can be just as effective:

  1. Lavender

Crush the lavender flowers and then apply the oil on the parts of your body that are sensitive, like the arms or ankles.

  1. Cinnamon oil

Mix 24 drops of cinnamon oil for every 4 oz. of water. Then you can spray this solution directly on your skin or your clothing.

  1. Soybean oil

You can combine lemongrass oil with soybean oil so that you can repel those nasty mosquitoes.

  1. Tea tree oil

It has been scientifically proven that repellants that contain this type of oil are more effective against bush flies and mosquitoes, than those products that don’t.

  1. Thyme oil

Add five drops of thyme oil to 2 oz. of water, and then mix four drops of the mixture that you just created, to every teaspoon of jojoba, olive or any other base oil that you like.

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