Why this fruit might be better than Lipitor for managing your cholesterol


In a recent study, the participants were divided in two groups. Group number one received medications plus a placebo pill, and group number two instead of a placebo, received pomegranate juice.

The study lasted for three months and it concluded that the stress-induced angina episodes increased by 37% in the placebo group, while decreasing by an impressive 50% in the pomegranate group.

Another study measured the thickening of the arterial wall (atherosclerosis), which is a big risk factor for a stroke or a heart attack. Again, the patients were divided into 2 groups. The cardiac patients that were placed in the first group received only statin drugs, and the participants of the other group were given pomegranate juice in addition to their statin drugs. The patients that belonged to the first group, noticed thickening of their arterial wall by 9% a year, while the results from the patients from the second group showed that the pomegranate juice reversed the thickening of the arterial wall by 35%.

The experts say that pomegranates aid the function of nitric oxide, which constantly repairs the cells that are located on the arterial walls. Because they are natural antioxidants, pomegranates reduce the bad cholesterol levels by 90%.

Follow the instructions if you are having trouble opening a pomegranate:

  • Fill a large bowl with water
  • Take a sharp knife and make two long and deep, x-shaped slits from stem to crown
  • You can use a cutting board if you need more support
  • Take the pomegranate and place it in the bowl that you previously filled with water
  • Place your thumbs on the place where you made the x-shaped slit, and then open up the fruit, and pull the wedges apart. This will give you more manageable pieces.
  • You will need to do this in the bowl of water, just to prevent the fruit from splashing
  • Then, remove the pith, while the fruit is still under water. Remove the seeds using your fingers, and the seeds will fall on the bottom of the bowl.
  • Then, pour down the water and dry the seeds. You can store them in your fridge or you can serve them immediately

It is strongly recommended that you always go for the seeds and not for a store-bought juice. The reason for that is quite simple. The store-bought juices contain large amounts of sugar. Also, you may reconsider before throwing away the white pith. It contains micronutrients and bioflavonoids. These can improve your microcirculation.

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