Four diet mistakes you’re making that only create more belly fat

If you are trying so hard to lose weight and the results are not visible, it is possible that you are making the mistakes that we are going to talk about today.

  1. Late night meals will increase your weight

This is definitely one of the biggest myths out there. Our body does not store more food at night time than any other time of the day. It rather is the food that you eat that can make you gain weight.

Researchers have conducted a 6-month study that involved people that were divided into 2 groups.

The first group was given their largest meal at breakfast, and the other group received their largest meal after 8 in the evening.

The study found that the participants of the second group actually lost 10% more weight than the participants of the group number one.

Eating late at night can be problematic when you are eating food that is extremely high in calories.

  1. Small meals will help boost your metabolism

This statement is false, because the metabolism and its speed does not depend on the amount of meals you are going to eat during the day.

Eating small meals every couple of hours will prevent overeating bit it will not accelerate your metabolism and it will certainly not help you lose weight.

  1. Low-calorie diets can help you lose weight faster


By consuming less calories than your body needs in order to complete its proper function, your metabolism will decrease, making it more difficult to lose weight. According to the researchers, diets that contain less than 1200 calories, can significantly decrease your metabolism.

  1. All calories are not equal

This theory is true. Our body will react differently when you ingest different types of food. You should focus on ingesting more protein, because it is quickly burned, without the need for exercising.

This is a process that is known as TEF (Thermal Effect of Food). If for example, you eat 1000 calories of ice cream and 1000 calories of chicken, the ice cream would increase your weight more than the chicken would. This happens because only 3% of the ice cream fat would burn in the process of digestion. Chicken on the other hand, would burn as much as 20-30%.

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