These Fish Are Harmful to Your Health. Stop Eating Them Immediately


Fish is one of the most popular dishes worldwide.

This food has been part of our diet for more than five million years. Today, there are many ways to prepare fish which is why many people find it delicious.

But, have a look a the following list of fish you should never consume again.

Atlantic flatfish 

This fish is a member of the ray-finned demersal fishes. Apart from being heavily contaminated, Atlantic flatfish is close to the point of extinction.

Atlantic bluefin tuna 

There have been some findings which indicate that Atlantic bluefin tuna contains a high concentration of accumulated mercury. This type of fish is also close to extinction.

Atlantic salmon 

Ocean pollution has obviously taken its toll. The capture of Atlantic salmon is illegal. Farmed salmon is also not fit for consumption because of the conditions they are bred and raised in, which have become reservoirs for parasitic infections.

Atlantic cod 

Researchers have found that Atlantic cod contains environmental toxicants. This fish is also found on the list of endangered species.


Caviar is also threatened with extinction. It has been contaminated with toxic material released in the oceans.

Orange roughy 

Also, this type of fish contains high levels of mercury.


Scientists have discovered that sharks accumulate mercury in their body as they eat smaller fish. This makes shark meat harmful to eat.

Chilean sea bass

This type of fish is one of the most commonly sold foods in the United States. But, in most of the cases, it is caught illegally. If this illegal capture doesn’t stop, Chilean sea bass will be gone in five years.

Imported shrimp 

Imported shrimp has been classified as the dirtiest seafood. Believe it or not, only 10% of the shrimp in the United States is not imported, which is a cause for concern.

Imported catfish 

Catfish is greatly imported from Vietnam. This fish is bred and raised with harmful antibiotics. Moreover, these antibiotics are banned in the United States.

American eel 

This type of fish is used in the preparation of sushi. Americal eel is also contaminated with mercury. The mercury found in some of these fish primarily cause hormone imbalance, which later leads to many health problems.



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