The First Letter of Your Name Reveals Your Personality Traits


Is it possible that the letter of your first name hides your personality?

Find your letter on the list below and see whether this test helps you to find out more about yourself.

Action is your middle name. Being active is what defines you and nothing can stop you from getting what you want. You are very passionate and energetic. To you, every adventure is worth taking because you love the sense of excitement.

You pay attention to the smallest details. You are very affectionate and you love giving gifts to your friends and family. This means that you are a very sensitive person who is always there for others.

You have high levels of creativity. Learning new things is your priority. Your self-control is exceptional which helps you manage stressful situations.

You prefer the slow road to success and then get to a long-term stable job. Sometimes, you lack the courage to break out of your comfort zone. Deep down, you crave for new ideas.

You are a talkative and very friendly person. People around you enjoy your company. You always have unique ideas and you are able to resolve conflicts successfully.

You are a very positive person and people around you love your smile. To you, life is all about fun. You are the one who always initiates group gatherings.


You are a very hard-working person and you fully dedicate to your tasks. Since you are a perfectionist, you don’t start having fun until you finish your work completely. Also, you are a good advice-giver.


You are a very lucky person so you have an optimistic attitude towards life. You aim high and you set big goals. Thanks to your lucky star you manage to achieve our goals.

You have the need to feel loved and appreciated. You often lack self-confidence and determination, so you tend to ask your friends or a close member of your family for a second opinion.


Your sense of justice is highly developed so you always play fair. You like to spend your time alone, enjoying your own company.

Your willpower is very strong. People around you perceive you as a very calm and reasonable person. You have good management skills and an ability to bring sensible decisions. You were born to be a manager.

You are a very romantic person. Love is the most important thing for you and you are very passionate. You ask the same attention and understanding from your partner.


You are able to do two or three things simultaneously. You love to take care of other people.

At first, you seem shy and unfriendly. But, those who know you describe you as a person with a deep and mysterious mind. You always take care of your outfit and makeup.

Your family is the most important thing to you and there is nothing you wouldn’t do for your family members. People trust you and share with you their deepest secrets.


You have remarkable negotiating skills. Also, you are the peacekeeper of your group and bring the harmony back. People see you as an inspiring person.


You are a very active person so other people sometimes can’t keep up with you. You are interested in other countries’ cultures and traditions.


You are a person who tries to find logic in everything. You always overanalyze and deconstruct things which shows your intelligence.

Other people would say that your motto is business before pleasure. But, deep down you are very romantic and affectionate.

The most interesting thing about you is that you have an investigative mind. Tradition is very important to you so other people might perceive you as a conservative person.


You have a good heart and you are very generous. Sometimes, you sacrifice your own happiness for the sake of your friends and family.

You have a unique personality. You are unconventional, eccentric and you enjoy your freedom. You are not afraid of taking risks because you love the thrill of it. Also, volunteering makes you feel good.

You are a strong-willed person. This trait makes you successful in everything you do. You are well-organized and efficient.


You enjoy meeting new people and new places. You are a very lively and impulsive person. Sometimes, you find it very difficult to concentrate on things longer as you easily get bored.


You are a very decisive person. Also, you are a very charismatic person. You tend to envision great things ahead of you.

Many people around you envy your strong will. But, you have the luck to come across to great opportunities so you shouldn’t worry about the negative energy of the people around you.

Thank you for your attention.

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