This Is What Your Fingernails Are Warning You About: Organ Failure or Inflammation

You would never imagine that fingernails can tell you a lot about your health.

The appearance of your fingernails can indicate whether you have a certain health problem or not. Changes to your fingernails reflect your health, so if you notice these changes happening on your nails, they are a sign of a health complication.

Discolored nails

A healthy fingernail is pink and it has a pinkish white color near the base. Nails which have a dark color or streaked with other colors, they may indicate a serious health complication.

  • Greenish nails can be a symptom of a bacterial infection.
  • Red streaks in the nail bed signals a heart valve infection. Blueish color of nails indicates poor blood circulation.
  • Dull nails indicate a lack of vitamins.
  • White nails may indicate liver disease.
  • Dark stripes are linked with aging and heart problems.

Thick nails 

Strong nails are healthy, but very thick nails can be a symptom of lung disease. One of the symptoms which are associated with fungal infection are very thick nails. Thyroid disorder is also linked with thick and brittle nails. If you suddenly notice that your nails became a lot thicker, it could be a side effect of allergy medications.

Split nails 

Vitamin and protein deficiencies affect your nails. Also, a lack of folic acid, results in split nails. Chronic malnutrition also affects the quality of your nails.

Concave nails 

Concave nails may be a symptom of iron deficiency anemia, a liver disease, heart disease, and hypothyroidism.

Pitted nails 

Nail pitting is a fingernail problem which shouldn’t be ignored. Nail pitting can be a symptom of psoriasis, connective tissue disorder, hair loss, and zinc deficiency.


Iron deficiency anemia, inflammatory arthritis, and lupus are associated with heavy ridge lines.

Dry nails 

Thyroid disorder can cause dry and brittle nails.

Clubbed nails

If you notice that you have plump skin which swells around the nail, it could possibly mean that you have lung disease, inflammatory bowel disease, or liver disease.

The appearance of your fingernails is not the only symptom of a certain disease, but it is definitely related to your overall health.

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